Heechul, Kim


 Hello Everyone!
just call me Dabi
This is my Live Journal!

well -this (journal) would probably dead by now if not for the fanfics.
I'm a die-hard fan of fan fictions.

well. what else.
I'm friendly
and people are free to comment on my journals
-since it's just a simple journal about me sharing random stuff.
just to keep my LJ alive.
and my friends really are not into LJ
so I'm free to interact with anyboody
just be gentle.

so friends?
wanna be friends?
well. feel free to add.
Heechul, Kim

(no subject)

I was arguing with my guy friend about a “Spin The Bottle” game, wherein you spin the bottle and kiss whoever the bottle points, regardless of the gender.

And he was complaining because he thought that it was kinda unfair ‘cuz two guys kissing is not attractive to both genders, and two girls kissing is really hot for both genders.

So I disagreed! ‘cuz of the fact that I’m really biased to guy-guy “action” and all.

So we asked a random girl if she find two guys kissing attractive.

And she said YES!

I WIN! :]

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Heechul, Kim

(no subject)

The Bear w/ No Name

I usually name all of my stuffed toys but this one has no name yet.

I still don't know the perfect name. I want it to be special and all. Since it's always the one who I spend most of my "after-special moments" with. ^_^

He's the smallest bear I have, or is it a she? because of some missing parts? hihi.

Heechul, Kim

Black Pearl Yuri

Kwon Yuri
"Black Pearl Yuri"

Nickname: Yul, Kkab-Yul [Hyper Yul], Kwon Seobang [Husband Kwon], Kwon Banjang [Class President Kwon]
SNSD Group Position: Supporting Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Number: 21
Birth Day: December 5, 1989 [Sagittarius]
Height: 167cm [5'6"]
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: "AB"
Roommates: Sunny [old dorm]; Yoona [new dorm]

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Heechul, Kim

(no subject)

I have no idea what has gotten into me.
I should be excited.
I mean,
My forever delusional husband is back!

I should be rolling on the floor, be crazy, jizz in my pants and all but no.

but instead, I'm drooling over Geisha.
ahh. so beautiful~

I think my feelings will come back when he would be having his comeback debut.
but I'm not expecting anything.
he's still my bias in SuJu though.
Heechul, Kim

Lively Princess Sooyoung

Choi Sooyoung
"Lively Princess Sooyoung"

English Name: Summer [썸머]
Nickname: ShikShin [Food God], NaSoo [Interupter]
SNSD Group Position: Supporting Vocalist; Lead Dancer
Jersey Number: 24
Birth Day: February 10, 1990 [Aquarius]
Motto: "Let's not procrastinate."
Height: 170 cm [5'7"]
Weight: 48 kg 
Blood Type: "O"
Roommates: Taeyeon & Yoona [old dorm]; Jessica [new dorm]

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